Long Ride: 8 October 2011

Montacute Rd and Lofty with Return Via Coast (110km)

Here's the plan for this week. 

We'll meet at my house at 8.00am (sleep in for daylight saving!).  From there we'll head up to Montacute Rd to Marble Hill and then cut across Ashton, and onto Mt Lofty.  We'll then head down to the Bay via Cross Rd and Greenhill Rd.  Once we get to the Bay, we'll swing along the coast to the Outer Harbour roundabout and then go back around the roundabout to start a team TT around the usual circuit.

Next two Saturdays (and Sundays!) are in the Barossa hills! We’ll see if we can arrange a Team TT with the Lakers’ A grade group in week 4.

Big month ahead!