Long Ride: 18 June 2011

Here's the plan: we'll meet at the usual place at 7.30am. From there we'll head up Montague Rd, along Sudolz etc to Montacute Rd - and here's where the fun begins (and is also where the second meeting point will be at about 7:50am). Some say that Montacute Rd is the longest hill in Adelaide (but, I reckon Greenhill Rd is!).We'll climb up to Marble Hill and then head on to Greenhill Rd and take the fast decent from there. We'll continue along to Anzac Highway, head along the coast, and then duck back via Hart St, Port Adelaide and Chicken Protein Alley. All up the ride should take about 3.5 hours. Because some of the group is racing in Sunday - we'll pull up stumps at 82km.  But, if you want to do a longer ride with Bradrobot Mk1 - heading around Outer Harbour should add about another 20km or so. Either way, let me know if you're in.