20km Time Trial: 12 June 2011

Here's the plan: this week is an easy/rest week to recharge after the harder rides we've completed over the last three weeks, so we'll take the opportunity to complete a shorter but higher intensity ride to test where we are at.  We'll meet at the usual starting place at 7.30am.  From there we'll head down to North Haven to Strathfield Rd, taking it fairly easy.  We'll then complete two laps of the 10km circuit as a time trial - I'll let you know how it will work - but we'll do this on our road bikes (e.g. no time trial bikes allowed - except for me!).  After the TT you have two options - take a cruisey ride to the Bay with the Bradinator for a coffee to add an extra 40km or so, or head back to the usual spot. The shorter option will be about 55km, longer option will be closer to 100km, depending on how you head home.

After the easy week - we're back into it hard next week. Standby!

Fuse Multisport - More Speed