Long Ride: 13 August 2011

3 Peaks Part I: Anstey's Hill, Fox Creek, Corkscrew

Ok guys, this week we're going to start Part 1 of a "3 Peaks" tour which will run for three weeks! This week's 3 peaks are Anstey's Hill, Fox Creek, and Corkscrew! Total distance of about 85km - which is a little shorter than our recent long rides - but the hills will more than make up for it, so we will be a bit slower! Plus, Brad is out this week - he's racing in QLD.

If it's too wet - I'll work out an alternate ride.

We'll be in bad phone coverage for some of the ride - so make sure you have at least two tubes, and 2 Co2 canisters!

See you at my place at 7.30am!