Long Ride: 23 July 2011

Fox Creek Rd via Black Top Rd

Ok guys, here's the plan for this weekend's long ride - and it's a corker.  We're going to meet at my house at  7.30am. From there we're going to head down Bridge Rd and eventually on to (and up) Black Top Rd - one of the nastier short climbs going around.  We're then going to make our way up to Kersbrook via Kersbrook Hill - one of the nastier longer climbs going around.  From Kersbrook, we'll head South to Gorge Rd and then make our way up Fox Creek Hill - another nasty short climb with a serious kicker to finish.  We'll then head home via Marble Hill Rd and Montague Rd. All up, a tad over 90km.

Please let me know if you're in.