Long Ride: 2 July 2011

Ok guys. Here's the plan for this weekend's "Dylan's Special with the Lot" - and it looks nasty. I'm not going to try and explain it - I'll leave that to Dylan. Suffice to say though, it's down South, it's long, and there's hills.

The meeting place will be near the sports ground marked with the green bubble on the map - I'd suggest that we get there at 8am, and I'd suggest that you drive there.

We're a few short this week - Brad is working, Tom is at the national short course event, Ella's bush bashing, Krystal is resting, and because of the JDP skills session on Sunday - I am a doubtful starter (which is a bugga 'cos I love those hills) - but I'll try and make it. If I'm not there, don't wait (but I'll text Dylan to let him know either way). Dylan knows the route.

Next week - team trial (I see another victory by the team with the over 40s comin' up, too easy).

Have fun!